Account Development

The following Sales Management Tools are part of our "Account Development" Toolset.  Our Outbound Excellence "All-In-One" Toolkit includes 14 sets of these proven Sales Management Tools, a set for each of the 14 roles of the Sales Management position.

What you see below are "Images" of the tools that you receive as part of your "All-In-One" Sales Management System to allow you to determine the level of value these tools would provide in helping you coach and develop your sales team.

When you purchase the "All-In-One" System you are provided with access to download these tools in a pre-designed, pre-formatted Microsoft Office Application.  Just plug in your data and you have proven, "ready to use" - Sales Management Tools.

Each tool includes unlimited phone and email training and support at no additional cost.

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94. Customer Development By Sales Representative 95. Customer Development Initiatives
The account development initiative tracker is a sales management tool that allows sales managers to track the tailored account development plans of each sales representative on a single report. This sales management tool maximizes the development of the organization’s most valuable asset, their active buying accounts. A dashboard report that benchmarks the account development performance of each sales representative in 8 key customer development initiative categories; new customers acquired, new customers’ sales and orders, orders per customer, sales per customer, average customer rating, multi buyers, and returns.
96. Customer Development Strategy 97. Thank You Letter for First Purchases
This sales management tool tracks the sales organization’s customer acquisition and retention performance. In addition, it provides a detail action plan to increase an organization’s customer acquisition and customer retention performance. One of the easiest and most effective ways to develop buying accounts is through the simple process of sending out thank you letters. This is an example of a simple, yet effective thank you letter that is sent to each new buyer thanking the buyer for their first purchase. This simple letter often leads to quick repeat business.
98. Thank You Letter Top Customers 99. Top Selling Products Per Quarter
Far too often we forget to reach out to our top customers with a simple note of our appreciation recognizing them for their ongoing contribution to our success. This letter is a method to reach out and thank your top customers and let them know how much you appreciate their business. Top customers are hard to earn and even harder to replace, don’t overlook a simple process of a thank you letter to keep these customers buying for life. Its puzzling the number of sales organizations for which we consult in which the sales people don’t realize the products in which their targets customers find the greatest value. There is a good reason that certain products are top sellers within specific industry and market segments. Every sales representative should know what their top selling products are in each category and why these products are the top sellers in the minds of their customers.
100. Lost Account Analysis 101. Account Development Action Plans: Best Practice!
A mandatory report for any sales manager should be the lost account analysis. This report indicates all accounts which have been lost by the sales team including the length of time each account was a buying customer, their total revenue the previous year, last purchase date and why the account was lost. The sales manager should be responsible for contacting each of these accounts to win back the accounts, identify any patterns disrupting customer relationships and to identify account development coaching needs for each sales representative. The account development action plan is one of the most effective account development tools ever developed. It benchmarks the sales organization’s overall Account Development Performance in each KPI area and then compares each sales representative’s individual Account Development Performance against the sales organization’s overall KPI benchmarks. It provides key Account Development intelligence for developing tailored account development action plans based on areas each sales representative is under performing against the sales organization’s overall Account Development performance.
102. Back Order Report 103. Customer Satisfaction Action Plan and Tracking Report
One of the easiest and most effective ways to lose active buying accounts is through an organization’s inability to deliver products in a timely manner. When organizations do face shipment delays they tend to keep the backorder status out of the hands of the sales organization. This is one of the most ineffective sales processes imaginable. Provide your sales team with an accurate back order status report and exactly how you want these updates communicated to your customers as effective communication is a key element to long term business relationships. It should go without saying that every customer satisfaction call from your prospects and customers should be logged, tracked and resolved expeditiously. It is surprising the number of key accounts that are lost by sales organizations in which there is a history of customer satisfaction issues that led to the termination of the business relationship. Too often the first time executive decision makers are aware of a problem with a relatively large account is normally after the customer has agreed to terminate the business relationship due to non-resolution of their business concerns.
104. The Lost Customer Half Letter
Often times when you try to reach a customer that has decided to terminate their business relationship with your organization the decision maker involved refuses to receive or return calls from your team. In many cases the half letter is an effective way to help understand and resolve the customer’s satisfaction issues. The half letter allows the decision maker to provide information regarding their concerns in their own time, and in their own means without having to receive your phone call. This has proven to be a very effective method in reviving lost accounts.

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