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For the past 12 years Outbound Excellence has conducted surveys of CEO’s from throughout North America and Europe to better understand the challenges faced by B2B enterprises in their efforts to Achieve and Maintain – Continuous Profitable Sales and Customer Growth Performance.

Sales Investment and Business Value

Below are the results of our latest survey of 249 CEOs of B2B Enterprises which we publish in our annual study entitled: Sales Investment and Business Value. This year’s survey results continue to reinforce the fact that Achieving and Maintaining Profitable Sales Growth Performance is a complex task that requires a proven, systematic approach if it is to be done effectively.

Education / Knowledge = Missing Links

It is amazing when you consider the fact that Business Performance and Results, the key reasons that Business Enterprises exist, are ultimately based on an organization’s ability to effectively sell their products and services.

Yet the education required to effectively Develop and Implement proven scientific “Sales Models and Sales Systems” that would Maximize a B2B organization’s ability to Achieve and Maintain Sales Growth Performance remains a missing link in our formal education system.

Limited Knowledge = Limited Results

So for most organizations, Achieving and Maintaining – Improved Sales Growth Performance remains a process of passing on tribal knowledge. Sales Growth performance, the lifeblood of American Businesses remains a highly inefficient system that wastes billions of dollars every year in time, effort and resources that could very easily be converted into improved business performance and results.

2013 Survey of 249 CEOs on Sales Performance and Results

  • Top 5 Objectives for 2013
      • Increase Revenue – 68.3%
      • Improve Sales Effectiveness – 58.2%
      • Increase Market Share – 39.2%
      • Improve Lead Generation Quality – 31.3%
      • Increase Customer Satisfaction – 30.6%
    Note: 71.5% of respondents are B2B focused
  • Quota / Revenue Achievement
    • 58.3% of sales representatives are meeting or exceeding quota
    • 41.7% of sales representatives are under quota
    • In 2012 79.4% of companies achieved their revenue targets
  • Revenue: New vs. Existing Accounts
    • 64.7% of sales from existing accounts
    • 35.3% of sales from new accounts
  • Social Media
    • 72.4% believe social media will play a key role in improving sales performance
    • 33.6% believe they are doing a “very good” job of leveraging social media in their “sales system”
  • Turnover
    • 17.6% Voluntary
    • 14.3% Involuntary
  • Ramp-Up Time of New Hire
    • 3-6 months – 26.3%
    • 7-9 months – 22.5%
    • 10-12 months – 22.7%
    • Over 12 months – 28.5%
  • Revenue Generated by Reps
    • Top 20% - 65.3%
    • Remaining 80% - 34.7%
  • Average Time to Close a Sale
    • Less than 1 month – 15.7%
    • 1-3 months – 34.2%
    • 4-6 months – 28.2%
    • 7-9 months – 13.5%
    • 10 months + - 8.4%
  • # of Contacts to Close a Sale
      • 1-3 calls – 13.5%
      • 4-6 calls – 23.3%
      • 7-9 calls – 48.3%
      • 10+ calls – 14.9%
    Note: contacts = visits, calls and emails
  • How Are Sales Leads Generated
    • Sales Representative – 47.8%
    • Marketing / Social Media – 30.3%
    • Other (channel, etc.) – 21.9%

Summary: CEO Sales Growth Challenges

This year’s survey indicates that CEO’s are facing the same challenges they face year after year: 1) Increase Revenue 2) Improve Sales Effectiveness 3) Increase Market Share 4) Improve Lead Generation.

The greater challenge is that most organizations are not much closer to developing and implementing a “proven systematic approach” for solving these challenges then they were 3-5 years ago.

Value of Shared CEO Sales Knowledge

Think about how basic the challenges are that are hindering sales growth performance. Think about the impact it would have if these 249 organizations and hundreds of others organized their knowledge for overcoming these challenges into a proven, systematic approach to Achieving and Maintaining – Improved Sales Growth Performance.

Understanding Sales Growth Processes

Task_Outbound_ExcellenceDeveloping and Implementing “Proven Systems” for Achieving and Maintaining Profitable Sales Growth Performance is the goal and the reason for the existence of Outbound Excellence.

Outbound Excellence deals with the Sales, Marketing and Social Media processes businesses must execute to achieve and maintain profitable sales growth performance.

Sales Performance: Execution


Outbound Excellence organizes these processes so that organizations can execute them systematically, purposefully, with understanding, and with a high probability of success.

Sales Performance: Method

Profitable Sales Growth Performance is a key function and contribution of a business enterprise and a core reason for its existence. Yet it takes great effort for organizations to achieve and maintain profitable sales growth performance. And effort, to yield desired sales results has to be carefully thought through and done with direction, method and purpose.


Sales Performance: Knowledge

16 years ago, Outbound Excellence developed, to our knowledge, the first organization of knowledge, the first systematic analysis, the first purposeful approach at "systematizing" sales growth performance. Knowledge_Outbound_Excellen

Sales Performance: Control

Control_Outbound_ExcellenceBy the term "systemizing" we mean identifying the specific processes and tasks that control the performance of business-to-business sales organizations.

Sales Performance: Systematic Approach

Since that time Outbound Excellence’s "Systematic Approach" to achieving increased sales growth performance has been implemented in 211 companies in 5 countries and has led to the development of more than 350 proven sales growth processes. system development

Sales Performance: Leveraging a "System of Knowledge"

Leveraging_Knowledge_Outbound_ExcellenceLeveraging a proven systematic approach to achieving improved sales results by hoisting oneself on the shoulders of over 200 organizations that have contributed their efforts to developing a "system" of knowledge to improve sales performance just makes good business sense.

Sales Performance: Achievement

Effectiveness_Outbound_ExcellenceKnowledge Organized in a Proven Systematic Approach Does a Good Deal for Organizations Looking to Improve Their Sales Results …It Endows Them with Effectiveness.

Excellence_Outbound_ExcellenceIt Does Much More for Organizations in Search of Excellence,It Significantly Enhances the Probability … They'll Achieve It!

New! "Social Media" Sales Growth System

3 years ago we took the same "systematic" approach we used to develop our B2B Sales Growth System, that has proven effective in increasing sales in more than 100 B2B sales organizations and developed a LinkedIn – Social Media Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation "System". social_media

Social Media: Proven Sales Performance

The video of our social media system, "15 Ways To Develop Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate Sales," has been viewed by 19,482 Linked Members and 118 companies have hired us to implement our Social Media "System" for them. 15-Ways-To-Develop-Your-Lin

Proven Systematic Approach: Is It Right For You!

Take a look at our B2B Sales Growth and LinkedIn - Social Media Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation “Systems” and see if the same systematic approach that has helped 218 other business enterprises increase their sales results would be helpful in increasing your organization’s sales results as well. Is_Outbound_Excellence_Right_For_You

Outbound Excellence Develops and Implements “Proven” Sales, Marketing and Social Media "Systems" That Increase Sales Results

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