Coaching / Selling Skills

The following Sales Management Tools are part of our "Coaching / Selling Skills" Toolset.  Our Outbound Excellence "All-In-One" Toolkit includes 14 sets of these proven Sales Management Tools, a set for each of the 14 roles of the Sales Management position.

What you see below are "Images" of the tools that you receive as part of your "All-In-One" Sales Management System to allow you to determine the level of value these tools would provide in helping you coach and develop your sales team.

When you purchase the "All-In-One" System you are provided with access to download these tools in a pre-designed, pre-formatted Microsoft Office Application.  Just plug in your data and you have proven, "ready to use" - Sales Management Tools.

Each tool includes unlimited phone and email training and support at no additional cost.

Note: Click any image below for a full screen view.

86. Quad Performance / Effort Matrix: Best Practice! 87. Quad Coaching Matrix
Each of your sales representatives is ranked into one of four quad performance matrix categories based on their effort and margin dollar contribution to your organization. The quadrant in which each sales representative is categorized determines the amount of time and effort a sales manager should spend on that sales representative. The quadrant also determines the type of coaching and development that would result in the greatest improvement in effort and contribution. This Sales Management tool has been ranked as a favorite by “C” level executives for over 10 years. The quad coaching matrix is a supplement tool to the quad performance/effort matrix. It identifies the most effective way to motivate and develop each sales person based on their effort and margin dollar contribution ranking from the quad performance/effort matrix.
88. Cold Calling Guideline: Best Practice! 89. Call Coaching Form #1
This tool creates a complete tailored cold calling system. It includes everything a sales representative needs to effectively contact and engage target prospects in meaningful sales discussions. The Cold Calling Guideline includes: Opening Statement, Bridges, Key Qualification Questions, Presentations Tied to Responses to Qualification Questions (e.g. Needs), Map of the Value Components of your Offering(s), Trial Close / Close. In 20 years of consulting, this is one of the 10 Most Effective Sales Tools we’ve ever seen. The number one way any sales manager can improve the performance of their sales team is through call coaching. After reviewing and analyzing over 1000 call coaching forms, this is chosen as one of the quickest, easiest and most effective forms for improving a sales representative’s selling skills.
90. Call Coaching Form #2 91. 10 Tips for Maximizing Call Coaching Performance
Another quick, easy and effective call coaching form for improving a sales team’s selling skills and overall sales performance. Nothing has a more immediate impact on the performance of your sales team than call coaching. Spending time listening to calls and providing real-time feedback is a key to your sales team’s growth. These tips are a must for new hires just starting to build a book.
92. Common Objections 93. Standard Closing Statements
There are five common objections faced by sales representatives on a daily basis regardless of their product or service offering. The inability of sales reps. to respond effectively to common objections inhibits the development of their selling skills. Effective responses to these common objections have been developed, tested and proven for many years. It is a critical component of Sales Management coaching to provide your sales representatives with effective responses to the common objections of their prospects. This is a must have sales aid for each member of your sales team. If your sales representatives have effectively executed the elements of the tactical sales call, the closing of the sale should be the easiest element. However, many sales people struggle in the closing portion of the sale because that is the area in which most people have the least amount of practice. Therefore, providing your sales team with a sales aid of effective closing statements is a simple and effective way to significantly improve tactical sales performance.

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