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Still Trying to “Crack the Code” on Cold Calling?

Still haven’t cracked the code on how to get your sales team to effectively “cold call” to generate new revenue … have you?

“Cold Calling is difficult. Not everyone has the gift. Not everyone has the natural ability. Can “cold calling” be taught or are we born with the ability?

Effective Cold Calling = Skills + Natural Characteristics

"How" to effectively “cold call” to prospect for new business can be taught, but it requires Certain Skills and Natural Characteristics:

  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Intuitiveness
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Leveraging of Business Intelligence
  • Persistence In The Midst of Rejection
Sales people will not persistently and effectively “cold call” for new business if they do not possess these skills and characteristics

Selecting Team Members with “Cold Calling” Characteristics

Outbound Excellence has developed a “Cold Calling - Characteristic Profile” that will quickly and accurately identify which of your sales people or new hire candidates have the natural characteristics to enjoy and to be successful cold calling. We have developed our Cold Calling – Characteristic Profile from the behavioral testing of over 3500 sales representatives.

Top 10% of Cold Callers Share “1” of 16 Unique Characteristic Profiles

The Top 10% of all effective cold callers fit into one of 16 unique characteristic profiles. What is it worth to identify the members of your sales team and new hire candidates that have a 90% greater chance of success than randomly selecting sales team members to execute your cold calling strategy. On average over $1 Million dollars annually based on 5 years of research

92% of CEOs are “Not Satisfied” with Cold Calling Results

If you don’t have the challenge of needing your team to prospect more effectively for new business you are in the Top 8% of businesses in America.

92% of CEOs say that they could grow their business significantly if they had:

  • Better Leads
  • Better Prospects
  • Better Close Ratios

79% of CEO’s say that their sales organization does not possess the skills, talents and abilities to prospect for new business.

Outbound Excellence's: "Cold Calling" System Grow Sales, Increase Profits & Attracts and Retain More Customers.

Below are the Components of Outbound Excellence’s “Cold Calling” System.

  • Cold Calling – Characteristic Profile
    • Test Sales Team to Identify Top Cold Calling Candidates
  • Planning an Effective “Cold Calling” Day
    • Setting Proper Goals
    • Effective Time / Call Management
    • Getting and Staying "In The Flow"
  • Pre-Call Planning
    • How to Leverage LinkedIn / Social Media to Generate Leads
    • How to Leverage Business Intelligence to Pre-Plan Calls
    • How to "Create" Value
  • Reaching Prospects / Getting Past Gatekeepers
    • How to Identify Target Decision Makers
    • How to Obtain Numbers and Emails
    • Keys to Opening the Gate
  • How To Engage Prospects with Value Statements
    • Developing Effective Opening Statements
  • Building Qualification Bridges
    • Questions that Leads Prospects to Identify Needs / Opportunities
  • Listening for Needs and Opportunities
    • Learning to Listen
    • Effective Note Taking
  • Mapping Needs to the Value Components of your Offering
    • Developing Your Call Road Map
    • Features – Advantages – Value Matrix
  • Connecting Prospect Needs with High Perceived Value
    • Product Service Comparison Matrix
    • Competitive Analysis Matrix
  • Addressing Prospect Questions
    • Creating an Objections / Questions Sales Aid
    • Identifying the “Real Objections”
  • Closing for Commitment
    • Determining Genuine Interest
    • How to Know If It’s a Good Fit
    • How To Close for Commitment

Proven Systematic Approach: Is It Right For You!

Outbound Excellence’s “Cold Calling” / Prospecting System is not some theory we gained from reading books. This is a proven system of processes form 16 years of being in the trenches, listening, taping, reviewing and coaching sales people to effective prospect for new revenue.

Every “Cold Calling” / Prospecting technique and method we teach has been proven and tested in 118 sales organizations throughout North America and Europe with 12,356 Sales Representatives and 256 Sales Managers

Interested In How Outbound Excellence Can Help Your Organization Develop and Implement A “Cold Calling” System That Will Grow Sales?


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