The following Sales Management Tools are part of our "Hiring" Toolset.  Our Outbound Excellence "All-In-One" Toolkit includes 14 sets of these proven Sales Management Tools, a set for each of the 14 roles of the Sales Management position.

What you see below are "Images" of the tools that you receive as part of your "All-In-One" Sales Management System to allow you to determine the level of value these tools would provide in helping you coach and develop your sales team.

When you purchase the "All-In-One" System you are provided with access to download these tools in a pre-designed, pre-formatted Microsoft Office Application.  Just plug in your data and you have proven, "ready to use" - Sales Management Tools.

Each tool includes unlimited phone and email training and support at no additional cost.

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Improve Hiring
32. 8 Ways to Improve the Profitability of your Hiring Strategy 33. Performance Tracker
With over 20 years of building and development hiring strategies for over 50 different sales organizations in 5 countries, we have acquired a set of 8 proven best practices common to sales organizations that consistently hire and retain the most profitable sales representatives. Outbound Excellence’s “Hiring - Performance Tracker” (HPT) tracks every sales candidate through each step of your recruiting and hiring process ensuring no short cuts are made and only the top ten percent of sales candidates make it onto your sales team. The HPT displays the # of candidates interviewed, # hired, reasons for hiring or non hiring decisions, status of each hiring category that led to the hiring decision, as well as providing a snap shot of all common characteristics of all new hires to help ensure the maximum performance and profitability of your recruiting and hiring strategy.
6 Common Hiring Mistakes
34. 6 Common Hiring Mistakes 35. Don’t Be Sold By a Bad Hire
Through the analysis of the recruiting and hiring strategies of more than 50 sales organizations we have identified six common land mines that lead to the employment of bad hires. Just a few minutes of your time can spare you a great deal of grief in recruiting, hiring and terminating future bad hires. Historically the easiest person to sell is another sales person. Since many Sales Managers are often promoted from within the ranks of sales it is wise to remind your Sales Managers not to get emotionally caught up in a sales candidate’s interview (sales) presentation but rather to execute the recruiting and hiring strategy in its entirety no matter how convincing the new hire candidate’s “pitch” may be. This quick and easy tip will help you build a winning sales team.
36. 15 Traits of Top Performing Sales Reps 37. Request for Hire Form
Here’s a little cheat sheet your Sales Managers can keep with them during interviews to match the characteristics of the sales candidates they’re interviewing with the common traits of top performing sales reps. Provides a formal document to initiate the hiring process for a new sales representative.
Tips for Conducting Sales Interviews Key Interview Questions
38. 12 Tips for Conducting Effective Sales Interviews 39. Key Interview Questions
A quick reference sheet to improve the interviewing skills of your Sales Managers and well as improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your interviewing process. Two of the most effective interview techniques is the panel interview and the use of behavioral style interviewing techniques. These techniques have withstood the test of time and have proven their ability to draw out key “facts” about past sales experiences which historically provide the best indicators of future sales success. Business Intelligence gathered using the Panel / Behavioral Interviewing System maximizes the probability you will select the highest performing and most profitable sales candidates to join your sales team.
Questions To Determine Strategic Selling Skills Prospecting Exercise
40. Knowledge / Skill Assessment Exercise 41. New Hire Prospecting Exercise
Many sales candidates can sell themselves in an interview much better than they could ever sell your products and services. The knowledge / skill assessment exercise allows you to identify and confirm stated selling skills examples provided by the candidate increasing the probability that you new hires will be able to deliver on their promises. A major element of the success of any sales representative is their ability to make prospect for new business. Prospecting is hard work and is not for everyone. In fact very few sales people can effectively prospect for new business. Yet it is the key to the profitability of your new hires. To effectively identify those sales candidates that have the right desire and skill to effectively prospect for new business we have developed the Outbound Excellence Prospecting Exercise. If you are serious about the success of your new hires, don’t make another hiring decision without receiving a prospecting call from your new hire candidate.
Hiring Offer Letter
42. Hiring Offer Letter
Once you have identified a new sales representative to join your sales team you will need an offer letter that meets both the sales candidate’s as well as your company’s internal requirements. The Outbound Excellence Offer letter is a quick and effective tool to help get your new hire on board and selling.

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