Sales Management System Overview

Sales Management Strategy, Execution and Performance Excellence
Outbound Excellence has been coaching Sales Managers at some of the most successful companies in America (HP, Insight) for the past 20 years. After 20 years of development and field testing we have created a cloud based, all in one, turn key sales management system that provides everything sales managers need (tools, training and support) to develop winning sales teams.

It's Not Your "Sales People" . . . It's Your "Sales Management Processes"
Most Sales Managers possess the "People Skills" to motivate and inspire their sales people to achieve increased levels of sales performance. However, few Sales Managers possess the "Sales Management Processes," that will maximize their ability to convert their sales team's potential to achieve increased sales performance into continuous profitable sales growth results. Outbound Excellence's "All-In-One" Sales Management System provides Sales Managers with the "Sales Management Tools and Processes" they need to maximize the performance of their sales teams.

Outbound Excellence - "All-In-One" - Sales Management System

Our "All-In-One" System Includes - 1) Sales Management Needs Analysis, 2) Tailored Training Program, 3) Monthly Coaching Sessions, 4) Over 150 Proven, Ready to Use / Plug N Play - Sales Management Tools, 5) Real Time Consulting and 6) Unlimited Telephone and eMail Support.

Cloud Based - Sales Management Toolkit - A key to the success of our offering is our "Cloud Based - Sales Management Toolkit." Our Sales Management Toolkit includes over 150 proven, ready to use Sales Management Tools and are available to Sales Managers anywhere they have internet access. These tools have proven themselves in companies throughout North America and Europe to be some of the most effective Sales Management Tools ever developed. As a cloud based offering these tools are available to Sales Managers - Anytime ... Anywhere.  Take a look in our Sales Management Toolkit and see the value for yourself.

Specialized Tools for the 16 Roles of The Sales Management Position - Our Sales Management Tools are categorized into the 16 Roles of the Sales Management position: 1. Job Description 2. Compensation 3. Incentives 4. Recruiting 5. Hiring 6. Training 7. Sales Leads 8. Sales Force Sizing 9. Performance Goals 10. Selling Skills / Coaching 11. Account Management 12. Account Development 13. Performance Monitoring 14. Performance Development 15. Termination 16. Account Transition. This process allows Sales Managers to quickly and effectively find a specialized solution that will best meet their needs.
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Tailored To Your Sales Organization's Unique Business Needs
Each Sales Management Tool includes "Real Time" Consulting Support which means when Sales Managers are ready to implement new tools they simply call one of our consultants and we help them select the most effective tool and then guide them through the process of tailoring each tool to meet their sales team's needs.

Sales Management Toolkit - 150 Proven Plug-n-Play Tools

Job Description Compensation & Incentives Recruiting Hiring Training
Sales Leads Performance Goals Selling Skills & Coaching Account Management Account Development
Performance Monitoring Performance Development Termination Account Transition

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