Performance Monitoring

The following Sales Management Tools are part of our "Performance Monitoring" Toolset.  Our Outbound Excellence "All-In-One" Toolkit includes 14 sets of these proven Sales Management Tools, a set for each of the 14 roles of the Sales Management position.

What you see below are "Images" of the tools that you receive as part of your "All-In-One" Sales Management System to allow you to determine the level of value these tools would provide in helping you coach and develop your sales team.

When you purchase the "All-In-One" System you are provided with access to download these tools in a pre-designed, pre-formatted Microsoft Office Application.  Just plug in your data and you have proven, "ready to use" - Sales Management Tools.

Each tool includes unlimited phone and email training and support at no additional cost.

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105. Net Gain and Loss Active Buying Accounts 106. The Average Sales per Customer Historical Trend
When it comes to the monitoring of a sales organizations’ performance one of the most important elements to monitor is the Net Gain / Loss in active buying accounts. The health of a sales organization is primarily determined by its ability to attract and obtain customers. While most organization’s primary focus is on developing ways to bring new customers on board, few organizations realize they are losing almost as many active customers as they are bringing new customers on board. Since the cost of bringing on a new customer is often 10x greater than maintaining an existing customer, the Net Gain and Loss in active buying accounts often provides highly valuable data. When monitoring your sales organization’s overall Account Development performance, your primary focus is your ability to grow existing accounts. The average sale per customer historical trend analysis provides you with a graphical snapshot of your sales organization’s performance regarding its ability to develop existing buying accounts.
107. Change in Customer’s Buying Patterns 108. Re-Buy Rate Benchmarks
The ability of a sales organization to achieve and maintain record levels of sales growth performance lies in its ability to attract and retain new customers. The change in customers buying patterns provides a detailed look at the change in the number of acting buying accounts per month. It is much more expensive to bring on new accounts than it is to develop existing accounts. The re-buy rate benchmark measures your sales organization’s ability to generate repeat business from your active buying account base.
109. Customers per Revenue Segment 110. Contribution of Top Selling SKU’s vs Total SKU’s
This tool breaks down active buying accounts based on their monthly margin dollar contribution. This is a very informative tool to see the # of active buying customers in each revenue segment. It often brings to light the fact that a surprisingly limited number of companies account for 80% of an organization’s revenue and the subsequent potential risk of losing one or more of these customers. It also often brings to light how many buying accounts an organization manages that are not even profitable to the company. If your organization is looking for ways to reduce costs, the contribution of top selling sku’s to total sku’s can be a valuable asset. In most organizations, less than 20% of the organizations sku’s contribute 80% of the organization’s revenue. It is not uncommon for organizations as a result of this analysis to reduce sku’s by 15-20%, significantly reducing cost while having virtually no impact on revenue.
111. Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date Sales Performance 112. KSI Performance by Account Manager
A snapshot in both data and graphical format of a sales organization’s historical monthly and YTD actual sales / margin dollar performance vs quota / budget. Sales Representatives respond most effectively to performance development plans in which the performance measured is based on the actual KSI performance of their peers. So the KSI performance by account manager provides an accurate and detailed measurement of each key sales initiative by account manager.
113. Sales Performance Tracker and Forecaster by Account
This terrific little report tracks the actual buying pattern of each account over a rolling 12 month period. By tracking individual buying pattern it allows you to immediately identify any disruption in buying pattern as well as provide a fast and accurate sales forecast

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