LinkedIn / Social Media - Lead Generation System


How Our LinkedIn Social Media “Lead Generation System” Works

Over the past 3 years Outbound Excellence has developed a LinkedIn Social Media – Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation System that has been implemented in 181 business-to-business organizations across North America and Europe.

Outbound Excellence: Step-By-Step Roadmap to Success

Below we have organized the tasks that any B2B organization can follow systematically, purposefully, with understanding, and with a high probability of success, to develop a Social Media System that will establish their organization as a thought leader in its industry and generate a steady stream of targeted sales leads.

Why Give Away Our Revenue Generating Secret!

Three years ago we discussed sharing our formula for success publicly. Without exception we were told that would be crazy. If we gave away our secret formula companies would develop and implement our LinkedIn Social Media Sales Growth System on their own, and our competitors would copy it and compete against us using our own efforts.

We did it anyway. What we discovered is that very few organizations have the knowledge, expertise and bandwidth to develop an effective Social Media Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation System on their own. Those that do develop systems on their own discover that it is a very complex and time consuming task. As a result, many organizations that do try and develop our system on their own eventually reach out to us for our knowledge and support.

We also discovered that most of the companies that tried to copy our offering … failed. They failed because they were unwilling to do the hard work to understand how a LinkedIn Social Media System really works, and as a result they were unable to compete with us in terms of value. So in the end, it was a win for us and our customers.

Secret to Social Media Success

So below is the exact set of tasks required to build a Social Media System that will maximize a business to business organization’s ability to establish itself as a thought knowledge leader and generate a profitable new revenue stream. Whether you build it on your own, or seek our services, it is the same roadmap and compass used to reach the highest level of Social Media Success.

Social Media System – Applications:

The foundational component to building a Social Media – Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation System is LinkedIn. LinkedIn, for a business-to-business offering will generate about 80% of social media generated new sales opportunities.

However, there are a number of secondary applications that serve as catalysts to develop the LinkedIn application into an effective thought knowledge / lead generation “system.” The applications include:

  • Twitter:

    Acquires prospects and carries thought knowledge

  • Facebook Page:

    Secondary source but does provide additional awareness

  • RSS Feed:

    Automatically acquires thought knowledge for social media posts

  • Hootsuite:

    Automates thought knowledge posts to your social media network

  • Screen Recorder 4:

    Records Video of PC screen and audio with one key stroke

  • YouTube:

    Houses videos for easy linkage and embedding / Provides significant SEO

  • WordPress Blog:

    Houses thought knowledge on your site vs third party sites keeping your branding and value vs a 3rd party’s, at the top of your prospect’s mind

  • Wufoo:

    Adds a sales lead inquiry form to all thought knowledge posts

Social Media: Importance of Understanding – “It’s A System”

The most important point to remember when building or developing your social media is that

“Social Media – To Work Effectively – Must Be Developed as a “System.”

Social Media Components:

There are hundreds of social media applications and services on the market. In order for any of these applications to establish thought knowledge leadership and to generate sales leads requires the effective integration of a select number of these applications along with the effective executive of a set of pre-defined tasks.

Weakest Component + Capacity for Error = Minimal ROI

In short, social media is not an application, it’s a system. And a system is only as good as its weakest component. Therefore, there is enormous room for error in developing a social media system and the reason why the vast majority of social media systems result in minimal ROI.

Developing: LinkedIn Social Media – Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation “System”

If you are ready to build or develop a social media system, or if you are simply interested in what is involved in the process, below are the exact components and tasks that comprise a LinkedIn Social Media System that effectively establishes a company as a Thought Knowledge Leader and Creates a Social Media Revenue Stream.

LinkedIn / Social Media - Lead Generation System

Outbound Excellence’s: LinkedIn Social Media “System”establishes thought knowledge leadership and generates a steady stream of new sales opportunities. Our system includes 11 distinct components and requires the effective execution of up to 100 individual tasks.

Below is an overview of Outbound Excellence’s LinkedIn Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation “System” followed by a detailed description of how to develop and implement each component to establish your company as a thought knowledge leader and to develop a new revenue stream.

  • 1)LinkedIn: Personal Profile
    • Establishes Personal Awareness
    • Establishes Personal Credibility
  • 2)LinkedIn: Company Profile
    • Establishes Company Awareness
    • Establishes Company Credibility
  • 3)LinkedIn: Contacts
    • Your Contacts Are Your Future Prospects
    • Your Prospects Are Your Future Customers
      • Email / CRM / Tradeshow / 3rd Party Lists
      • LinkedIn People Search
  • 4)LinkedIn: Company Group
    • Establishes Credibility
    • Communicates Thought Knowledge / Value
    • Generates Sales Leads
  • 5)LinkedIn: 3rd Party Groups
    • Provides Access to Target Prospects
    • Communicates Thought Knowledge
    • Increases LinkedIn Prospect Contacts
    • Generates Sales Leads
  • 6)Thought Knowledge Leadership – Development
    • Key To Generating Social Media Sales
    • Internally Generated
    • Externally Obtained
      • 3rd Party / RSS Feeds
  • 7)Thought Knowledge – Hosting
    • LinkedIn Company Group
    • WordPress Blog
  • 8)Thought Knowledge – Communication
    • Conveys Value
    • Establishes Thought Knowledge Leadership
    • Differentiates You From Your Competition
    • Generates Inquires
    • Creates New Revenue Opportunities
  • 9)Call To Action
    • Invite Prospects To Learn More
    • Ask If Prospects Have Questions
    • Reinforce Your Value
    • Offer A Free Consultation
  • 10)Quick and Easy Inquiry Form
    • Include An Automated Inquiry Form To Posts
    • Make Inquiry Forms Quick and Easy
    • Eliminate Squeeze Pages and Email Inquiries
    • Receive Immediate Email and Text Notification of Inquiries
  • 11)Immediate Follow-Up Strategy
    • Have An Effective Follow-Up Plan
    • “Call” Follow-Up Within – 1 Business Day

Below are the Specific Tasks Required to Effectively Implement Outbound Excellence’s LinkedIn Social Media “Lead Generation System”

1)LinkedIn: Personal Profile

  • Establishes Personal Awareness
  • Establishes Personal Credibility

A LinkedIn Personal Profile is created / developed to establish awareness and credibility. Your LinkedIn profile is just like the opening statement of a prospecting call – you have 11-15 seconds to establish credibility and value.

Therefore, extensive work must go into developing your LinkedIn profile if you want to establish awareness and credibility in the minds of your prospects

  • The LinkedIn Profile is the cornerstone of success for a B2B social media system
  • Twitter and a "Facebook Business Page" are secondary social media components
  • Twitter's primarily roles are as a thought knowledge "carrier" and to acquire target prospects to follow your tweets so you can migrate them into your LinkedIn network (recommended)
  • Facebook Business Page reaches an incremental audience of business-to-business decisions makers but its greater value comes in terms of marketing to business-to-consumer segments
  • Here are the steps for developing your LinkedIn personal profile
  • Image / Name and Title / Location / Industry
  • Value Proposition – this is your "value proposition" – not what products and services you offer – what "value" you provide prospects
  • Email / IM (Skype) / Phone (work) / Phone (cell) / Address / Twitter / Website
    • Website: 3 Landing pages with descriptions
Personal LinkedIn URL
  • Tailored for easy search identification
  • Thought knowledge post
  • Categories of products / services
  • Value received from products / services
    • Not features and benefits
  • Videos / Power point presentations / Whitepapers / Testimonials / Case studies
  • Company name
    • Create a company profile so logo appears
  • Value "you" provide prospect in your role
    • What establishes “you” as a thought leader
    • Add specific expertise / years in the field
    • Add major projects / companies supported
  • Recommendations
    • Request recommendations from your network
  • Personal Collateral
    • Add "your" videos, power points, whitepapers
Skills and Expertise
  • Add Top 10 pertinent skills / valuable for SEO and search functionality
  • Request recommendations for these skills
  • College name / years / honors / awards
Language / Projects / Certifications / Publications / Patents Honors and Awards
  • Company and personal industry awards / personal achievement awards
  • Company and personal industry organizations
  • Request recommendations
    • Acquire a minimum of 20 recommendations
Advice for Contacting
  • Value you provide prospects / full contact information

2) LinkedIn: Company Page

  • Establishes Company Awareness
  • Establishes Company Credibility

A LinkedIn Company PagePage is created to establish awareness of your company and its products and services

  • In general a LinkedIn Company Page is a secondary tool to your LinkedIn Profile
  • Company followers are generally a fraction of a % of individual followers
  • A key reason Social Media is so popular is because it "reconnects people"
  • People join your personal network because they are interested in "your" thought knowledge
  • 90% of the time if you establish enough value with a prospect on LinkedIn you will make a connection without them ever having viewed your company page
  • A company page does however add credibility to your personal profile
  • Below are the components required to create / develop a LinkedIn Company Page
LinkedIn Company Page
  • Overview
    • Company name / company description / language / people who can administer page
    • Header image / logo / company specialties / company group
    • Company type / size / URL / operating status / year founded / locations
  • Products / Services
    • Overview of product / service categories / video
    • Individual product / service names / descriptions / images
  • Analytics
    • Follower Insights
      • # Followers / impressions / DM level / industry / function / region / size
    • Page Insights
      • Overall views / career views / product & service views / page clicks

3) LinkedIn: Contacts / Connections

  • Email / CRM / Tradeshow / 3rd Party Lists
  • LinkedIn People Search

LinkedIn Contacts / Connections are the prospects / potential prospects that are members of your LinkedIn network which means they have visible access to your thought knowledge and you have the ability to communicate with them through LinkedIn’s internal InMail.

The only LinkedIn people that will ever see your thought knowledge postings are:
  • LinkedIn Contacts / Connections
  • LinkedIn Group Members
Every New LinkedIn Contact / Connection is a Potential New Customer
  • 100% of your contacts have visibility to your thought knowledge posts
  • Each time a prospect views a post they are “touched” by your value
  • Effectively touch a prospect 9-12 times and the probability they will convert from a prospect to a customer increases over 1000%
  • What other process on earth allows this valuable access to your prospects
  • What other process allows you to differentiate your value – based on your thought knowledge – against all of your competitors?
  • Below are the two “standard” processes for adding LinkedIn contacts / connections
    • The most effective method “LinkedIn Groups” will be discussed later
Adding Connections - Email / CRM / Tradeshow / 3rd Party Lists
  • Import contacts from any major email directory
    • Outlook / Gmail / Yahoo / MSN / Hotmail
  • Upload excel / csv file of CRM database contacts
  • Upload tradeshow / 3rd party lists
  • Send individual email requests
  • Search Alumni contacts
Adding Connections – LinkedIn People Search
  • Search the LinkedIn database by the following criteria:
    • Keywords / first name / last name / title/ company
    • School / location / country / postal code
    • 1st Connections / 2nd connections / group members

4) LinkedIn: Company Group

  • Establishes Credibility
  • Communicates Thought Knowledge / Value
  • Generates Sales Leads

LinkedIn Group Company Group - Having your own LinkedIn group is one of the most effective ways to establish yourself and your company as a thought knowledge leader and to generate qualified sales leads. It takes a great a deal of time and effort to effectively maintain your group, but at the same time the group by itself can generate hundreds of new targeted sales opportunities.

LinkedIn Company Group: Benefits – "Value"
  • Creates thought knowledge leadership
    • Thought knowledge is the key to social media success
  • Establishes credibility and trust
  • Provides a direct communication channel to prospects
  • Allows you to block out competitors
  • Enables you to send weekly updates to your prospects
  • Generates targeted sales leads
LinkedIn Company Group: Challenges
  • Time – It takes a great deal of time to effectively manage a group
    • Time to set up the group
    • Time to accept members into the group
    • Time to create thought knowledge posts
    • Time to respond to discussion comments
  • Knowledge – It takes a great deal of knowledge to develop a group
    • Company’s often lack enough internal thought knowledge for a group
    • Company’s often lack an RSS feed system to obtain 3rd party knowledge
    • Company’s often find it difficult to select the right thought knowledge
Setting Up A LinkedIn Company Group To set up a Company Group in LinkedIn you will need the following information:
  • Logo / Group name / Group Type / Summary description
  • Detailed description / Website / Access Type / Discussions: open / restricted
  • 10-12 thought knowledge pasts and 5 new posts / week

5) LinkedIn: 3rd Party Groups

  • Provides Access to Target Prospects
  • Communicates Thought Knowledge
  • Increases LinkedIn Prospect Contacts
  • Generates Sales Leads

LinkedIn 3rd Party Groups: – Joining LinkedIn groups is a vitally important component in developing a social media system that will establish thought knowledge leadership and generate new sales leads.

LinkedIn 3rd Party Groups: Key Benefits
  • Identify New Prospects
    • You may join up to 50 groups totaling 1M plus members
    • You may search groups to locate prospects by title / location
    • You may send invites directly to members of common groups
      • 2nd level connections
  • Communicate Thought Knowledge
    • The top LinkedIn groups have hundreds of thousands of members
    • You may post thought knowledge in 3rd party groups
    • Posts in groups encourage members to join your network
    • True thought leaders can engage with thousands of news prospects
    • As a result, LinkedIn Groups are a key catalyst for obtaining prospects
LinkedIn 3rd Party Groups: Key Points
  • Joining Groups
    • Limit groups related to your product / service (mostly vendors)
    • Focus on groups by title (e.g. CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO)
    • Focus on job function groups (e.g supply chain, strategic planning)
    • Focus on categories (e.g. start-ups, compliance)
  • Group Postings
    • Most groups have a low tolerance for self promotion / marketing
    • A group manager can ban you from a group without warning
    • Once banned you can’t access members or submit posts
    • Being banned from a single group can be very damaging

6) Thought Knowledge Leadership - Development

  • Key To Generating Social Media Sales
  • Internally Generated
    • Externally Obtained: 3rd Party / RSS Feeds

What Is Thought Knowledge?: Thought knowledge is conveying to your prospects and customers that you company understands the “root causes” of the pain, problems and challenges they face as it relates to their ability to improve their business performance as well as effective ways to overcome these challenges based on their unique business needs.

Value: As a result of your thought knowledge leadership, you position yourself in the minds of your target prospects and customers, above your competitors, as a trusted advisor to help your prospects understand the best solutions for overcoming their challenges and increasing their business performance.

Thought Knowledge: Benefits
  • Acquisition of New Prospects
    • Thought knowledge is the key to LinkedIn social media success
    • It establishes unmatchable value
    • It differentiates you from your competitors
    • It draws hundreds / thousands of new prospects into your network
  • New Sales Leads / Revenue Stream - Outbound
    • As prospects join your network you research their profiles
    • And identify those who would best benefit from your offerings
    • You then reach out to them providing additional value
    • You Inquire if they’d be interested in a discussion to learn more
  • New Sales Leads / Revenue Stream - Inbound
    • As prospects join your network your value is multiplied by new posts
    • As your value increases in their minds they begin reaching out to you
    • You begin receiving LinkedIn mail, emails, calls and inquiry forms
    • These are qualified leads already convinced of your value
    • This is how LinkedIn generates new revenue streams
Thought Knowledge Topics
  • Root causes of key industry / market challenges
  • How the root causes of industry problems are eliminated
  • Changes in industry trends
  • Industry surveys and statistics
What Thought Knowledge "Is Not"
  • "Not" marketing material
  • "Not" products and services
  • "Not" features and benefits
  • People don't care about your products and services
  • Until they are convinced you can provide them with value
  • In regards to overcoming their pain problems and challenges
  • Value = Thought Knowledge
Thought Knowledge Sources
  • Internal thought knowledge whenever possible
    • Industry surveys, trend analysis, statistics, infographics
  • 60% of thought knowledge is acquired from 3rd parties
    • 3rd parties: Trade Associations, Trade Magazines, RSS Feeds
Videos are an extremely effective method for conveying thought knowledge
  • My Screen Recorder 4 is an effective one click method to record desktop videos
  • YouTube provides a great method to obtain links and embedding for videos

7) Thought Knowledge - Hosting

  • LinkedIn Company Group
  • WordPress Blog
Thought Knowledge: Benefits
  • LinkedIn is the leader in establishing thought leadership
  • There is nothing like it on the market
  • It’s the most effective thought knowledge tool developed in the past decade
LinkedIn Is "Not" An Effective Revenue Generator
  • Aside from the job market – LinkedIn is a poor revenue generator
  • It lacks: Lead Generation / Call To Action / Easy of Inquiry / Quick Follow-Up
  • Reason: LinkedIn doesn’t make money from your thought knowledge posts
  • LinkedIn makes money from paid subscribers and advertising
Leveraging LinkedIn to Generate Revenue
  • Your company group is the best internal LinkedIn revenue component
  • It provides a captive audience of willing prospects
  • Allows you to convey unlimited thought knowledge value
  • Provides direct communication to prospects / customers
Why Thought Knowledge Should Be Housed On A Blog There are many reasons why your blog is to best place to host thought knowledge:
  • It directs prospects to your branding / offerings
  • It provides additional thought knowledge posts / value
  • It's dynamic and easy to post - no programming required
  • You can post 3rd party thought knowledge on your blog
  • A blog retains prospects on your site longer than social media sites
  • You can add options for prospects to automatically receive future posts
  • You can easily tailor call to action texts tailored to the blog posts
  • You can add automated easy to use inquiry forms
  • All very valuable components of a blog
  • All that help convert thought knowledge to revenue

8) Thought Knowledge – Communication

  • Conveys value
  • Establishes thought knowledge leadership
  • Differentiates you from competition
  • Generates inquires
  • Creates new revenue opportunities
Communication of Thought Knowledge - Values

Once you have your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Business Page profiles developed, and you have an adequate supply of valuable thought knowledge available, it is now time to start communicating that thought knowledge to your existing social media network.

It is through the actual communication and distribution of thought knowledge into your network that the process of establishing thought knowledge leadership and generating new sales leads begins.

Thought Knowledge Communication – Methods
  • Manual
  • Automated
Thought Knowledge Communication – Manual
  • Add thought knowledge posts to blog
    • Include embedded and featured image
  • Capture blog subject and link
  • Post in LinkedIn network and group(s)
  • This is a time consuming and inefficient process
Thought Knowledge Communication – Automated
  • Add thought knowledge posts to blog
    • Include embedded and featured image
  • Capture blog subject and link
  • Paste subject and link into Hootsuite
  • Select social media sites to post thought knowledge
    • Can post to LinkedIn network and groups
    • Can also post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Select time and date to submit thought knowledge posts

Once you begin communicating thought knowledge you will start to see activity in your LinkedIn network such as new prospects joining your network, prospects commenting on the value of your thought knowledge as well as forwarding your thought knowledge on to contacts in their network. In addition you will begin to see new sales lead opportunities.

9) WordPress Blog: Call To Action

  • Invite prospects to learn more in their areas of interest
  • Ask if prospects have questions
  • Reinforce your value
  • Offer a free consultation
Posts Should Include An Added Value Call To Action
  • Blogs allow for a tailored “Call To Action” header and text
    • If you have valuable thought knowledge
    • People will be interested in learning more
    • So program your blog to ask if they want to receive similar posts
    • "Would you like to receive additional information on this subject?"
    • Over time migrate the call to action to 10-15% promoting your services
    • "Would you like to discuss how these types of process improvements could help your organization increase sales performance and results?"
    • Social Media sales inquiries increase by 1222% if you ask in a thoughtful, value added, systematic manner

10) WordPress Blog: Quick & Easy Inquiry Form

  • Include an automated inquiry form to posts
  • Make the forms quick and easy
  • Eliminate squeeze pages and email inquiries
  • Receive immediate email and text notification of leads
Posts Should Include A Quick and Easy Inquiry Form
  • You need to make it quick and easy for people to learn more
    • No launching people to your website contact page
    • No squeeze page gimmicks
    • No launching a blank email to write an inquiry
    • A simple template with 4-5 fields and a submit button
      • Company / Name / Phone / Email / Subject (optional)
    • Over time migrate the call to action to 10-15% promoting your services
    • Wufoo is great for this and sends an immediate email or text notification
    • Social media sites don’t allow this which is why a blog is so valuable

11) Immediate “Call” Follow-Up Plan

  • Have an effective follow-up plan in place
  • Call Follow-up within "One Business Day"

There are organizations that have tremendous thought knowledge to share and they may even have a fairly adequate communication channel as well as a method to increase prospects into their network, but they still are not generating significant social media generated sales. So what goes wrong there: Poor / delayed / ineffective follow-up.

Inquiries Require Immediate “Call” Follow-Up
  • "Marketing Moves People – Sales Moves Products" Peter Drucker
    • It's amazing the number of companies that wait for calls
    • Those calls aren't coming – it's not the way sales works
    • If you get an inquiry make a call within 24 hours
    • We see less than 10% of companies make 24 hour "call" follow-up
    • Those that do – we see about 70% new sales opportunities
    • So the average company that has an effective Social Media – Thought Knowledge System in place misses out on 90% of new sales opportunities because they miss one final step in a system that is very effective … but very complex.

Interested In How Outbound Excellence Can Help Your Organization Develop and Implement A LinkedIn Social Media System That Will Establish Your Organization As A Thought Leader & Generate New Sales Leads?

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