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Social Media: What Is a LinkedIn Social Media “Sales Lead System”

Social Media is the most important and innovative set of sales growth tools to be developed in the past decade. Social media levels the playing field for products and service providers to compete against each other regardless of their size.

Social Media: Value

Most companies today realize that Social Media is playing a key role in establishing thought knowledge leadership and generating new sales opportunities. Additionally, they realize that in order to achieve and maintain market leadership they will need to develop an effective social media system

Social Media: Complexity

Although a number of companies have been successful in their social media efforts, most companies results have been mediocre at best.

The key reason that most companies are not achieving their desired results is the complexity involved in developing an effective social media system.

Depending on the breadth and depth of the social media system you are developing, there are on average between 75 and over 100 processes / tasks involved in developing and managing an effective social media media system that establishes thought knowledge leadership and generates a steady stream of new sales opportunities.

Social Media: Challenges

There is a great deal of money to be made in social media so the market is filled with social media products and service providers and many have proven ineffective in terms of generating any significant level of ROI. The key challenges then become: 1) What are the most effective social media components to build a social media system that will meet your unique business needs and 2) What are the right resources for developing your system.

Social Media: How It Works

Social Media is effective in establishing a company as a thought knowledge leader because it levels the playing field for all competitors to convey their understanding of the “root causes” of the pain, problems and challenges faced by their target prospects and customers and based on their unique depth of knowledge they establish themselves as the most credible source for providing the best possible solutions for overcoming those challenges.

Once a company has established thought knowledge leadership in the minds of their prospects and customers their prospects and customers will seek out additional advice and eventually solutions from these thought leaders.

Prospect requests for additional information and contacts are what convert thought knowledge into new revenue opportunities.

Social Media: Developing, Implementing and Managing

There are three main options companies use to develop, implement and manage their Social Media Systems: 1) Interns 2) Internal Marketing Resources 3) 3rd Party Social Media Services


Developing thought knowledge leadership is the result of conveying to your prospects and customers that you understands the “root causes” of the pain, problems and challenges they face - that relate to the product and services you offer.

As a result of your thought knowledge leadership, you position yourselves and your company in the minds of your target prospects and customers, above your competitors, as a trusted advisor to help them find the best solutions to overcome their business challenges and increase their business performance.

It is difficult to establish thought knowledge leadership when the person assigned to establish that leadership has the least amount of understanding of the “root causes” of the pain, problems and challenges of your prospects and customers and the solutions for overcoming those challenges.

Internal Marketing Resources:

There are many very talented Marketing Executives and Managers that have developed effective Social Media Systems that have established thought knowledge leadership and created new revenue streams.

However, these unique team members would be in the minority for a number of reasons: Time, Effort, Knowledge and Complexity. It is difficult, no matter how talented a Marketing Executive or Manager may be to tackle all of the normal day to day challenges they are faced with and then find time to understand, develop, implement and manage a complete new system as complex as social media.

So although you may have a Social Media – Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation System in place, it is likely there are key elements that could be added to make the Social Media System significantly more effective.

3rd Party Social Media Resources:

If the truth be told, of the thousands of people that offer social media services, there are few that are truly experts in the area. In that I mean companies that have painstakingly researched the countless social media applications on the market, then developed a system that has been proven and tested effective in establishing thought knowledge leadership and generating new sales leads in over 100 companies.


Outbound Excellence: Social Media "System"

Outbound Excellence claims no genius in the area of mastering social media. But what we have developed is a Social Media – Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation System based on a scientific analysis that provides the specific tasks that any business-to-business enterprise can execute to establish thought knowledge leadership and generate new sales opportunities.

Outbound Excellence: Social Media System - Value

Our Outbound Excellence – Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation System organizes the tasks in developing an effective social media system in a manner that an organization (with or without our support) can perform systematically, purposefully, with understanding, and with a high probability of achieving and maintaining increased sales results.

Outbound Excellence: Social Media System - Background

Our Outbound Excellence – Social Media System was originally developed in 2010. Since that time, the original Video introduction of our System: “15 Ways To Develop Your LinkedIn Profile To Increase Sales” has been viewed by 19,873 LinkedIn members and our system has been implement in 181 companies from sole entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar corporations such as SAP.

Outbound Excellence: Social Media System - Results

In summary, Outbound Excellence offers a proven, scientific Social Media system businesses can leverage to gain a competitive advantage by establishing themselves as the thought knowledge leader in their industry and as a result generate new sales opportunities.

A proven foundation of knowledge for developing and implementing a successful Social Media – Thought Knowledge / Lead Generation System gives a typical organization the ability to achieve results well beyond what they could achieve on their own by allowing them to leverage the knowledge gained in 181 other social media system implementations.

For those organizations simply looking for a few proven ideas to improve their existing social media system it provides them with the tools for achieving increased effectiveness.

For those organizations looking to significantly improve their existing system or to develop a new system leveraging the best practices from over 1,100 social media evaluations and 181 implementations, it endows them with the opportunity to Achieve Excellence.

Interested In How Outbound Excellence Can Help Your Organization Develop and Implement A LinkedIn Social Media System That Will Establish Your Organization As A Thought Leader & Generate New Sales Leads?

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