LinkedIn / Social Media - Lead Generation System "Services"


Below are the Specific Services Provided to Effectively Develop and Implement Your Outbound Excellence LinkedIn Social Media “Lead Generation System

LinkedIn: Personal Profile

  • Header -Image / Name and Title / Location / Industry.
  • Value Proposition -what “value” your offering provides prospects
  • Contact -Email / IM (Skype) / Phone / Address / Twitter / Website.
    • Website: 3 Landing pages with descriptions
  • Personal LinkedIn URL -Tailored for easy search identification.
  • Activity -Thought knowledge post.
  • Summary Categories of products / services.
    • Value received from products / services
    • Thought Knowledge: Videos / Whitepapers / Studies
  • Experience -Value "you" provide prospect in your role.
  • Recommendations
  • Personal Collateral - Add “your” videos, power points, whitepapers
  • Skills and Expertise – Max. 10 for SEO and search functionality
  • Education - College name / years / honors / awards
  • Language / Projects / Certifications / Publications / Patents
  • Honors and Awards - Industry awards / personal achievement awards
  • Organizations - Company and personal industry organizations
  • Advice for Contacting - Value you provide prospects / full contact information
  • Twitter / Facebook Company Page - Complete set-up included

LinkedIn: Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page is created to establish awareness of your company and its products and services

  • Company Overview
    • Company name / company description / language / administrator
    • Header image / logo / company specialties / company group
    • Company type / size / URL / operating status / year founded / locations
  • Products / Services
    • Overview of product / service categories / video
    • Individual product / service names / descriptions / images
  • Analytics
  • Follower Insights and Page Insights
    • Overall views / career views / product & service views / page clicks

LinkedIn: Contacts / Connections

LinkedIn Contacts / Connections are the prospects / potential prospects that are members of your LinkedIn network which means they have visible access to your thought knowledge and you have the ability to communicate with them through LinkedIn’s internal InMail.

  • Import 3rd Party Contacts
  • Add Connections – LinkedIn People Search

LinkedIn: Company Group

LinkedIn Group Company Group – Having your own LinkedIn group is one of the most effective ways to establish yourself and your company as a thought knowledge leader and to generate qualified sales leads. It takes a great a deal of time and effort to effectively maintain your group, but at the same time the group by itself can generate hundreds of new targeted sales opportunities.

  • Create Company Group
    • Logo / Group name / Group Type / Summary description
    • Detailed description / Website / Access Type / Discussions: open / restricted
    • 10-12 thought knowledge pasts and 5 new posts / week

LinkedIn: 3rd Party Groups

LinkedIn 3rd Party Groups: – Joining LinkedIn groups is a vitally important component in developing a social media system that will establish thought knowledge leadership and generate new sales leads.

  • Join LinkedIn 3rd Party Groups
    • Limit groups related to your product / service (mostly vendors)
    • Focus on groups by industry / title / job functions / categories
  • Submit Thought Knowledge Post(s)

Thought Knowledge Leadership - Development

  • Internal:Coordinate internally generated thought knowledge
  • RSS Feeds:Program to externally obtain 3rd party thought knowledge
    • Thought knowledge is the key to LinkedIn social media success
    • It establishes unmatchable value
    • It differentiates you from your competitors
  • It draws hundreds / thousands of new prospects into your network

Thought Knowledge – Hosting: Blog

The selection for hosting thought knowledge is a critical component to the ability of a social media system to generate sales leads. Social media sites are good carriers and communicators of thought knowledge but not great lead generators. Blogs play a key role on the hosting of thought knowledge as they provide great added value that creates sales lead inquiries.

  • Create / Develop Blog
    • Categories / Keywords / Search / Images

Thought Knowledge – Automate Communication

Communication of Thought Knowledge - Value

Once you have your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Business Page profiles developed, and you have an adequate supply of valuable thought knowledge available, it is now time to start communicating that thought knowledge to your existing social media network.

  • Thought Knowledge Communication – Manual
    • Add thought knowledge posts to blog
  • Thought Knowledge Communication – Automated
    • Automate submission to social media sites through Hootsuite

Call To Action – Blog

As you establish thought knowledge leadership, prospects and customers will want to have access to additional information you publish in their particular areas of interest. Therefore, ensure you provide options to access additional information on your thought knowledge posts.

  • Include An Added Value "Call To Action" with Thought Knowledge Posts
    • Tailor Blog with "Call To Actio" headers and texts
    • "Would you like to receive additional information on this subject?"
    • "Would you like to discuss how …."

Quick & Easy Inquiry Form – Blog

For those prospects that find enough value in your thought knowledge to want to learn more about a particular area of interest, your social media system needs to make it “Quick & Easy” for them to learn more or request a call.

  • Program a Quick and Easy Inquiry Form Into Blog
    • A simple template with 4-5 fields and a submit button
    • Company / Name / Phone / Email / Subject

Immediate Sales Lead "Follow-Up" Plan

In Peter Drucker’s famous words, “Marketing Moves People and Sales Moves Products.” If set-up properly, your LinkedIn Social Media Lead Generation System will provide you with all the business intelligence and sales inquiries to generate a new revenue stream. It is up to you, once your social media “moves” prospects, to turn that movement into “revenue.” We specialize is sales lead follow-up with social media sales leads.

  • Develop Effective Sales Lead Follow-Up Strategy
    • Via Social Media / Marketing
    • Immediate "Call" Follow-Up

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