David was the first person to provide dedicated Sales Training to me whilst employed with Ryzex Plc. The training provided me with the fundamental skills and more, which have helped me become a successful Salesperson / Account Manager today. David's training is both interesting and in depth and therefore I never forget 'triangulation skills' which have been pivotal to account retention and growth in my current role today. Many thanks David!”

Rob Alcock
Owner and founder
RLA Consulting

"David is a detail oriented, results driven individual with incredible follow through- when David promises to deliver, he most certainly does! His talent, vision and dedication to this industry make him a pleasure to work with."

Alexandra Ryder,
Business Development
Callcentre Search

"We recently had the opportunity to work with David on a Data base application and we are thoroughly please with our experience. David exceeded our expectations, he is a true professional. "

Victoria Smolag
Senior Account Executive

"David is a true marketing expert and intimately understands how to leveage e-Commerce to drive quantity and quality leads. He delivers on time, on budget and specification and has significantly impact my business positively."

Jess Padilla
Independent Telecom Professional
Phoenix, AZ

"I highly recommend David. I have only known him for a short period of time, but I feel as though I have known him for years. And on top of that he is extremely generous with any product that he finds or creates that will enhance our business and is always eager to give it away to us needy people. I look forward to networking with him for many years to come."

Don Kolodz

"I've known David now for over 10 years. I have worked for David as a Sr. Sales Representative and as a Project Manager as well as had David provide me with Strategic Sales Training on several occassions. At my current company David developed and rolled out a tremendous training program to our locations in the US, Canada and throughout Europe. He automated a "Leads Factory System" that provided the sales team with targeted, profiled leads that included RSS feeds that established immediate credibility and trust with prospects and customers. He taught us a system to Map out our Strategic Accounts and to use a Triangulation System to maximize speed in winning news sales from these accounts. David is an incredibly hard worker, extremely focused, and has the highest level of commitment and integrity. If you're looking for the solution to achieve Increased Profitable Sales Growth from your sales team ... Look No Further!."

James Rader
Operations Manager
Sound Telecom

"In addition to providing us with a immediate pipeline impact... David's process oriented approach and creativity clearly make him a Sales2.0 knowledge leader. He has and continues to deliver -tremendous value as a Sales Growth Strategist! (and our strategic marketing partner)."

Jerry Bourgeois

"David and I connected recently regarding tools for Sales Presentations. I was pleasantly surprised by his quick response and willingness to share information with other Sales Professionals. Its clear that David is a great resource and is committed to excellence both with his external and internal customers. I highly recommend David to any company looking for a true professional wanting results and a business partner interested in taking your company to the next level!."

Robert Levin

"Absolutely the best source for technology driven sales & marketing tools, business development process' and market intelligence.
In the few short months I have began working with Mr. Kalstrom, my front-line sales team has been introuduced to over two million dollars in new business opportunites as a direct result of the programs we have initiated with the Outbound Excellence Team. These opportunites are at the core of our business competencies and I was surprised that our existing business development process didn't uncover them.
So thankful I found you and couldn't be more please with the R.O.I. your first two programs have provided."

John Devencenzi
Senior Sales Manager,
Newfound Communications

"David and his team are all about producing results - immediately. In our case, those results are leads. Because they are sales experts, they go beyond sending the contact info. They use shrewd techniques to ensure our sales people have timely information to leverage on the call. They are also creative and resourceful. When we need a creative approach to a sales problem, we don't hesitate to ask for their ideas. They are generous and practical and will help figure out how to get them executed even if its not their usual service area."

Todd Vela
Sales / Marketing Manager,
Baker Road Seating & Restoration

"I hired Dave to help market and spread the word on our new process and service business, SelectConnect Technologies, the manufacturing of laser direct structured 3D-molded interconnect devices.
We readily grasped our technology, built our outbound direct marketing strategy and delivered. Dave is a great collaborator, creative and knows his business inside and out. He over delivered on his value proposition for us. He is boosting our exposure and I'm sure he can impact yours."

Christina Ellwood

"I would reccomend Dave's work to anyone wanting to improve their website presence and electronic marketing. Dave is one of the brightest e commerce minds that I have met. "

James Liddle

"David is a source of great information, knowledge and wisdom. He has some great programs for business. Well worth checking out.
It has been a real pleasure to get to know David and I'm hoping to buy him a large glass of beer if/when I visit him in Phoenix later this year. "

Jeffrey Lakes
Wellgenix Health

"I have hired David to develop a Social Media Sales System. David came right out of the shoot with value. He had his team read white papers and watch videos that I provided as thought knowledge. 98% of marketing companies would have done just the expected, which would be to post the information I provided. That's David's baseline for performance. His minimum standard of quality is 120% - nothing less - and it shows in the quality of his work - and the results it produces. I'll refer many people to David and Outbound Excellence."

Richard Keeves (SmarterWebStrategies.com)
Chief Guide (Online Business Advisor and Guide to Chiefs),
Digital TrendCatchers

"A business associate that is a current client of Outbund Excellence suggested that I contact them in regards to how their Social Media Sales Solutions could help generate New Business for our Event Promotions offering. The web demonstration was an eye opening experience, but at the time of the demo we were in the process of upgrading our website so the timing wasn't right for us to contract with OE for their services. When I explained our timing situation David mentioned that timing wasn't an issue. He stated that if I was willing to spend 30 minutes on a Saturday, he would be willing to provide me with no charge consulting services in exchange for a recommendation of his services. He stated that his belief was that he would provide me with enough value during our consultation that it wouldn't make sense for me not to contract with him for his services when the timing was right. He also felt that I would be willing, as a result of the value provided at the consultation, to tell a number of business associates about his social media sales growth offerings. The demo was today, instead of 30 minutes, it went an hour. Instead of telling 2-3 people I'm going to tell everyone I know that would benefit from his program. When my website is up, I will be a client of Outbound Excellence. If you have a B2B offering, take 15 minutes and give David a call. The results of that call will speak for themselves."

Jan Sartee
Marketing and Product Development,
GO Travel Gear / Golden Orchid Ltd

"After viewing David's webcast - Developing Your Social Media Business Strategy - I reached out to him to learn more about the program. Within 72 hours - I had a powerpoint presentation designed for a new offering roll out, a webcast posted, an HTML eMail with real time tracking designed, my social media system integrated and automated, a list of 10k target contacts for an email campaign and was ready to launch a new service roll out. David's Prospecting Web 3.0 Cold Calling Is Dead is a very unique and effective program that will provide a many fold return on investment."

Brandon Byrd

"I hired Outbound Excellence to Develop and Implement a Social Media Marketing Solution for my New Locum Tenen's Offering - As promised, the System was Developed and Implemented in 3 Business Days - It indeed leverages the Latest Web 2.0 / Social Media Technology, the entire system is automated so that my Social Media Marketing System is managed from a single dashboard panel with all updates posted automatically at pre-determined times and dates. Fantastic Value! Thank You!"

Ron Hutcheson

"Dave is a true "inspiration" to work with. He has tremendous knowledge on social media marketing and sales growth. I was brand new to the social media networks and he has integrated all of my systems and networks to an incredible system of leads and information. He has exceeded all expectations. Recommend without hesitation."

Liz Richardson

"I would consider David a leader in the telecommunications industry, having seen the results from him setting strategic and tactical solutions to help surpass efficiency and revenue targets. David is also an expert in social media, and understands how to maximize the sales pipeline by using all the resources available in the market. As a consultant with big picture ideas and a track record of acheivement, he is the guy you want to hire to take best practices and success to the next level!"

Chris Hollister

"After listening to a number of Outbound Excellence webcasts I decided to call David to see what his Automated Social Media Systems could do for me. WOW! I had him start by developing my LinkedIn profile. Take a look. It completely exceeded every expectation by a factor of 10. Thank You David Kalstrom and Outbound Excellence - You will be highly recommended!"

Michael Flatau
Operations Director,

"David is one of the most positive, disciplined, and focused people I know. His excellent work ethic, integrity and optimism inspire those around him. Congratulations on your success. All the Best, Donna"

Donna Lea Downs Kawasak
Account Manager,

"I reported to Dave at Insight and Zones.. He is one of the smartest individuals I've had the pleasure to work with in my career. His innovative ideas, intensity in execution and constant pursuit of excellence brought Multiple Zones to the next level. Dave is the all-knowing guru when it comes to outbound telesales in any industry bar none."

Mike Assadi
Director of Corporate / Education Sales,Zones
Outbound Excellence

"I hired David to provide consulting services regarding the use of LinkedIn and other key Social Media Sites to generate new sales opportunities. He developed a social media system in accordance with his 15 Ways to Develop Your LinkedIn Account To Generate Sales, and it did! In one week, interfacing a web-casting platform into LinkedIn that highlighted my webcast entitled, 2011 Strategic planning Best Practices, I've had over 125 viewers in less than one week. In addition, the training and support has been excellent. I highly recommend David, Outbound Excellence and the 15 Ways Methodology."

Lois Greisen
Certified Business Coach

Outbound Excellence Inc. – 877-337-2674 / 602-770-0012 – success@outboundexcellence.com Dave Kalstrom CEO – P.O. Box 424 Maricopa, AZ. 85234