The following Sales Management Tools are part of our "Training" Toolset.  Our Outbound Excellence "All-In-One" Toolkit includes 14 sets of these proven Sales Management Tools, a set for each of the 14 roles of the Sales Management position.

What you see below are "Images" of the tools that you receive as part of your "All-In-One" Sales Management System to allow you to determine the level of value these tools would provide in helping you coach and develop your sales team.

When you purchase the "All-In-One" System you are provided with access to download these tools in a pre-designed, pre-formatted Microsoft Office Application.  Just plug in your data and you have proven, "ready to use" - Sales Management Tools.

Each tool includes unlimited phone and email training and support at no additional cost.

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1st Year Success Factors Developing Prospecting Strategy
43. 1st Year Critical Success Factors 44. Developing a Prospecting Strategy
At the successful conclusion of a new hire training class a typical new hire is overwhelmed with data. They are in an information overload state which makes it difficult to transition from a state of training to one of prospecting for new business. This quick reference sheet of typical Critical Success Factors provides new hires with a roadmap and compass for achieving the highest level of success during their first year as a sales representative. Success prospecting involves a system of processes that must be learned and mastered. It is much more than surfing the internet for sales leads, developing an opening statement, asking the right qualification questions and being able to bridge into a successful presentation that ties prospect needs to the value of specific components of your offering. This sales management tool provides a step-by-step roadmap to developing the prospecting skills of new hires.
45. Steps Of A Sale 46. Cold Calling System: BEST PRACTICE!
This is a quick reference guide for sales organizations that are developing an internal selling skills training program. It provides a framework from which to build a basic selling skills module that is tailored to selling your company’s offering(s) to your target industries, markets and customer segments. In general this tool allows sales managers to help their new hires understand the key steps of the sale and how to achieve standard key sales initiatives. This tool creates a complete tailored cold calling system. It includes everything a new sales representative needs to effectively contact and engage target prospects in meaningful sales discussions. The CS includes Opening Statement, Qualification / Presentation / Trial Close / Closing Bridges, Key Qualification Questions, Presentations Tied to Responses to Qualification Questions (e.g. Needs), Map of the Value Components of your Offering(s), Trial Close / Close. In 20 years of consulting, this is one of the 10 Most Effective Sales Tools we’ve ever seen.
47. Feature, Advantage and Value 48. Customer Value Matrix
This is a great sales aid for new hires. It teaches the new hire the value proposition of your offering. It allows new hires to convey to their prospects the features, advantages and value that prospects would receive from your offerings based on their unique business needs. This is a must have desktop sales aid for new hires. In a survey of over 1,000 decision makers our Customer Value Matrixes ranked #1 as providing the greatest value to prospects. It also ranked among the top sales aids from a survey of over 2,500 new hires. The Customer Value Matrix allows your sales representatives as well your prospects to view a category of your offering and quickly and effectively – At-A-Glance - identify the offering within a product or service category that meets each prospect’s unique business needs. If you are looking for a silver bullet that will help your sales people sell and help your buyers buy – implement this process into your sales system.
49. Prospecting > Profiler and Qualifier 50. Calculating The Value of a Customer
This tool will effectively teach new hires pre-call planning skills such as how to leverage business intelligence to develop opening statements that will maximize their success in reaching and engaging new target prospects in meaningful qualification discussions. Additionally, it will allow them to quickly qualify or disqualify prospects based on how the prospect responds to qualify questions identifying their unique business needs and how your offering(s) would meet those needs. This is a foundation stone to profitable prospecting for new business. For new hires it is important that they build their book of business with companies that will be profitable for your organization. This tool allows your sales representatives and sales managers to calculate the potential profitability of target prospects for your company.
51. Competitive Analysis 52. The Daily Goals, Planner and Tracker
At-a-glance sales aid that allows your new hires to compare the value of your key products against the top competitive products in each product category. It is a critical skill that your sales people are able to quickly and effectively compare the value components of your offering against those that your prospects and customers are currently using or considering buying. Yet the ability to communicate with prospects and customers as though they truly are subject matter experts is the #1 reason the majority of prospects would buy from your company vs from a competitor. The daily goals planner and tracker maps out the key sales initiatives that need to be executed by a new sales representative to maximize their productivity, performance and profitability. This single document, executed effectively, will increase the performance of a new sales representative by an average of 20-40%.
53. Knowledge and Skills Assessment 54. Tactical Selling Skills
The Outbound Excellence knowledge and skills assessment toolset will measure the knowledge and skill of each of your new hires in the areas of product knowledge, professional development, industry knowledge and company knowledge. These assessment tools allow you to create tailored development plans that will maximize the success of each of your new hires. The ability of new hires to master tactical selling skills is the cornerstone of their success during their first year as a sales representative. This sales aid provides both a great training tool as well as a sales aid for new hires to accelerate their mastery of tactical selling.
55. Selling into a Target Industry / Market 56. The Who, What, Where When and Why of Qualifying
Selling into a target industry/market segment is approximately four times more effective than shotgun selling. Target market selling allows your sales people to establish themselves as thought knowledge leaders in their area (industry, market, product / service category) of expertise. A sales representative’s ability to establish themselves as a subject matter expert quickly establishes credibility and trust with your target prospects and significantly increases your new hires ramp up to profitability. For your new hires to learn to prospect effectively, they need to fully understand the five “W’s, the “Who, What, Where, When and Why” of qualifying. This sales aid will help your new hires quickly qualify or disqualify prospects allowing them to focus on opportunities that will provide maximum profitability for your organization.
57. Value Matrix – Complex Product Sale 58. Getting into the Flow
The customer value matrix is a tool that adds unmatched value to both new hires as well as prospects. It allows your sales people as well as your prospects to view a category of your offering and identify the specific product or service within their desired offering(s) that meets their needs as well as their budget. The average sales representative in America today spends less than two hours on the phone contacting target prospects. This sales aid will develop skills in your new hires on how to get into the flow, increasing their customer contact time to up to 4.5 hours per day, without burnout. This is one of the greatest productivity tools that you can possess in your training toolkit.
59. The First 11 Seconds of a Prospecting Call 60. Strategic vs Tactical Selling
On average, your sales people have 11 seconds to peak enough interest in the mind of a prospect for the prospect or customer to want to know more. Your new hire’s ability to master the effectiveness of the first 11 seconds of a prospecting call is the most important skill you can teach your new hire as it relates to their long term sales growth success. There are two primary types of selling strategies; Tactical and Strategic. The strategies for winning sales in these two categories are diametrically opposed. Your new hires ability to understand the keys to success in each of these strategies will have a significant impact on the profits they will provide to your sales organization.
61. Structuring a Sales Representative’s Day
There are seven critical success factors that will maximize the productivity, performance and profitability of a B2B sales representative. This training aid describes each of these critical success factors and the individual elements that will maximize their success in each of these areas.

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