Commitment to Excellence

We Will Demonstrate a Commitment to Excellence in Every Area of Our Business
We Will Expect and Accept Nothing Less Than

  • An Unmatched Work Ethic
  • Total Quality Commitment
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Achievement of Excellence


We Will Conduct Business in a Manner That is

Legal | Honest | Fair

To Our Employees, Customers and Company

Sense of Urgency

Each Day We Will Ask Ourselves What Can We Do More Effectively Today!
That Will Have a Positive Impact On

  • Our Success
  • The Success of Our Customers
  • And the Success of Our Company

We Will Then Take Action Immediately!
Keeping Our Focus on the Future... Where New Growth Opportunities Await!
Rather Than in the Past Where Problems Suffocate Our Creative Insight!


We Will Develop Our Employees to Take Full Problem Ownership Through Resolution
It is Our Policy that All Problems Will Be

  • Faced Immediately
  • Discussed Honestly
  • Resolved Fairly
  • Always Learned From

Control Our Own Destiny

We Will Take Control of Our Own Destiny

We Will Not Wait for Opportunities to Present Themselves...

We Will Create Our Own Opportunities

We Will Take Risks! & We Will Not Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

We Will Relentlessly Pursue and Therefore Will Achieve Unlimited Growth Opportunities.

No Excuses

There Are No Excuses. . .
So We Will Not Make Them

Mistakes. . . Yes
Excuses . . . No!

Honest and Ethical Mistakes Will Be Expected and Accepted as a Normal Part of the Price of Success.

We Will Learn from Our Mistakes and Strive to Never Make the Same Mistake Twice.

As a Result, We Will Increase Our Growth as Well as Our Character.

Commitment to Continuous Profitable Growth

We Realize Our Company's Most Valuable Resources are

  • People
  • Time
  • Capital

Therefore We Will Maximize

  • Every Moment
  • Every Dollar
  • Every Interaction

With Our Customers and Our Fellow Employees
In Doing So We Will Demonstrate Our Commitment to the Continuous Profitable Growth of Our Customers and Our Company

Unlimited Growth Opportunities

By Living Our Values and Mastering Our Core Competencies We Will Earn Unlimited Growth Opportunities

Outbound Excellence Inc. – 877-337-2674 / 602-770-0012 – Dave Kalstrom CEO – P.O. Box 424 Maricopa, AZ. 85234